Unmatched Features
Our Smart School ERP provides user-friendly dashboard with login access to school admin & Android/IOS Mobile Application for teachers, drivers, students and their parents of the institution. The various modules available facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates

Smart Attendance

Attendance is done by Smart RFID cards and Smarty. Students only need to show card and its done. Our smart system prevents Proxy.

Smart Bus Tracking

Now your child will never miss the school bus. Parents will receive notifications when bus arrives at previous stop and they can also track bus locations.

Event Registration

School Smiley Portal create Events / Exam /Results on Application. Admin Create Event For Particular Class

Online Fee Management

Online Fee Management for school, to manage fee online.

Online Payment

Parents can pay their child fee with cards ( debit/Credit ), UPI, Popular payment wallets like paytm etc.

School-Parents Communication

School – parents communication was never easy before. It is as simple as whatsapp

Online Leave Application

Students as well as Faculties can apply for their leave and can see the status (Approved/Rejected) via their mobile application

Online Results

Faculty can submit marks via their mobile application. Our system will do other jobs and on one click result will be sent to parents.

Event Registration

School Smiley Portal create Events / Exam /Results on Application. Admin Create Event For Particular Class

Cloud Hosting

All your data will be stored on our secure cloud. It prevents your data from getting lost or hacked.

Online Homework

Teachers can publish homework online with “iGuru”, that will show on parent’s app “iLearn”.

Child Memories

As we all know that going in the past is not possible, but with pictures, we can keep those moments with us for lifetime. School can share pics with parents

Teacher's Diary

Teachers Submit Daily Work Via iGuru app


Send the syllabus Notification on iLearn Application
How It Work


Web Portal for School administration to manage students and Faculties. Administration can access, add and manage school Resource, fee management portal.

WEPI & Smart Card

IOT Plug-n-play hardware for smart attendance. Smart Cards are used for attendance on show-and-go model. WEPI collects information and send it on cloud.


Mobile Application for teachers. With this app teachers can publish homework, submit results, receive notifications, fill faculty daily diary online, view student details etc .


Mobile Application for parents, With this app parents can access child’s attendance, homework, receive notification, communicate with school, track school bus etc.


Mobile application for drivers. with this app school as well as parents can track school bus. No need to install expensive GPS Device in the bus.


Your data is stored on cloud. It;s secure and does not require specific hardware. No need to install any software. Just login via our website and enjoy the services


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